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Connecting labs and clients through sample analysis

Moruya’s cloud-based platform empowers labs with the new evolution of chain of custodies. Without the paper.
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What labs can expect when using Moruya...

We fight the paper war for you

Moruya’s digital chain of custodies platform allows labs to be notified of client job requests sent from our mobile app. Labs can process requests before samples are delivered, all without the paper.

Mobile App
Faster Processing

Move faster and get more samples through the door

Labs process sample receipts faster with Moruya, so they can focus on what’s important, delivering results on time. By removing inefficient paper, samples can be processed faster increasing analysis capacity.

Improved accuracy means less errors and headaches

Moruya’s platform first approach means no handwriting or manual data entry, creating a more reliable and less error prone workflow. Labs get things done quicker.

More Data

…and more coming soon

Never lose sight of a sample again

Integration with delivery APIs gives you the confidence that your samples are traceable and accountable — never lose a sample again.

LIMS integration for peace of mind

Moruya’s APIs empower your lab’s LIMS capability so you can achieve more in less time. Sample metadata is sent directly to your lab’s LIMS.
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